Easy Fashion

Easy Fashion

The 18th Feb of 2009 EASY’S first starts fashion design house journey by its 1st showroom at 14/21,Aziz Co-Operative Super Market, 1st floor, Shahbagh, Dhaka. At the beginning EASY’s widely introduce achieved for its fashion designs and accessories. The second branch of the EASY’s opened at 115, Aziz Co-Operative Super Market, 1st floor, Shahbagh in April, 2009. In the October of 2009 the third branch of the EASYs opened at 33-B, Circular Road, Shantinagar branch. Then EASY’s established more five of the branches in 2010 at 8/A,Kumar para Main Road, Sylhet Branch and 33-A, Circular Road, Shanitnagar Branch, 53/B, New Elephant Road Branch, Shahid Faruk Road, North Jatrabari Branch and 56-56/A, Aziz Co-operative Market Branch 2nd floor, Shahbagh, Dhaka. In year of 2011 EASY’s 9th Branch Opened at Mirpur-10 then October,2011 the 10th Branch opend At Uttara Branch, 3rd floor, RAK Tower, Uttara, Dhaka. Then June 2012 the 11th branch Opened at 60, Aziz Super Market Ground Floor, Shahbagh, Dhaka.

These prime causes EASY’s clicked in the generals as well as fashionable customers. Besides young & fashionable items EASY’s making College & University Students based fashionable products that marketing run only on EASY’s showrooms. In the line on Bangladesh fashion design EASY’s wing reached over the mass peoples nation wide thana & Upzila sadar. EASY’s Products retail and whole sale available from 11 branch.

At first EASY’s had only five workers but now EASY’s has 120 over Staffs of Factory and Showrooms and 350 workers in Factory and along with still engaged almost one thousand labours which are more rural female labour numbers. So, EASY’s contribution is not only in the making fashion line rather has also arranged work arena among the poor village women. Mainly, EASY’s fashion designs, quality and official works paper tasks controlled from at the 34/B, Malibagh Chowdhury para office. There are design section, quality section, factory and administration.

The hard and hurry work attention of the design section and quality section spread out today's the EASY’s stands. With all this sounds announcing EASY’s Chiairman Mr. Asad Chowdhury, Managing Director Mr. ESAD Chowdhruy and Deputy Managing Director Mr. Towhid Chowdhury hard work and sincerity.

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